End Of Summer Is A Great Time To Make An Offer On A Property That Hasn’t Sold  

End Of Summer Is A Great Time To Make An Offer On A Property That Hasn’t Sold  


The end of summer signifies different things for different people. Some think of a new school year while others start planning for the approaching holiday season. Some think of Pumpkin Spice Everything while others can only think of snow. Whatever your mindset is, the end of summer is typically a time of change for most. 

For those thinking of buying real estate, the end of summer is a great time to make an offer on a property that hasn’t sold.  

Here are the facts.  

Properties don’t stay available for very long with the way the market is these days. If you see one that has been on the market for a little while — especially if it has lasted through a typically hot selling season like this summer has been — then the sellers are probably getting anxious. They know that buyers typically have more time in the summers to look and find what they want. If they have had their property listed for a while and haven’t sold it yet then they are probably thinking they are sitting on the one property that doesn’t have a buyer out there trying to find it.  

So, make an offer.  

Now, the normal caveats still apply. You shouldn’t rush into buying anything if you’re not truly ready. And you shouldn’t buy something that you honestly can’t afford. But if you ARE ready to buy and the property IS one you can afford, now is the time to pounce.  

With all this in mind, make it an offer that benefits you. Don’t go over your budget for fear of losing out because, if the house has been up for a bit, then there’s most likely no one to lose out to.  

Plus, you might as well get the sale done now so you can get your new house ready for the holidays. If you make it happen soon you can start the new year in your new digs. 

When you’re ready to make that offer, visit us at https://bobbybugz.com/ so we can help get your financing in order.  

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