Why You Should Buy Real Estate Right Now!

During the pandemic, people bought lots of things. Some bought exercise equipment; others bought puppies. And some bought homes— which was a really smart move, and still is. 

Today, the average interest rate for a 30-year-fixed mortgage is about 2.8%, according to Bankrate. This is a historical low and nothing short of a home buyer’s dream. Home loans are so cheap that in some areas, you might be able to find a monthly mortgage payment that’s actually lower than your current monthly rent. Or maybe you’re already a homeowner, but your house needs a facelift. It might look outdated or need a new roof or HVAC system. Right now, it would make more sense and be more cost-efficient for you to sell it and then buy yourself a brand new house, rather than dealing with expensive renovations.  

Though the coronavirus is finally winding down, it changed the way we look at our homes forever. In 2020, you might’ve used your kitchen more than ever. Your living room might’ve become the setting for family game nights. And your basement might’ve morphed into a home office by day and a yoga studio by the evening. Last year probably made you realize that regardless of a pandemic, you and your family could use some more space. Not to mention, if you’re a part of the large population of Americans who are still working from home, this is especially the perfect time to move. Now more than ever, without your commute, you have a little flexibility in your schedule to pack your boxes and actually make that move happen.  

Don’t hesitate— this is your chance. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or someone who’s on the hunt for a vacation home, you shouldn’t wait. With an interest rate so low, you can get more house for your money. Your dream home is out there waiting for you. And you can afford it with a smaller mortgage loan than ever before. 

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