Mortgage Banker Bobby “Bugz” Buglak offers historically low rates during real estate boom!

Seasoned Mortgage Broker Bobby “Bugz” Buglak has helped thousands of families purchase their first homes and hundreds of investors add investment properties to their portfolio over the last 23 years across Pennsylvania. He specializes in residential mortgage lending where he personally closes over $30 million in loans annually. 

Bobby Buglak has worked in every step of the mortgage process including Real Estate, Title, Banking and Retail. He began his career at Wells Fargo and currently works with EMM Loans where he specializes in residential mortgage lending. He helps clients purchase their first homes, forever homes, second homes and investment properties with affordable lending.  

The biggest hurdle for many homebuyers is not qualifying for an affordable mortgage. Using the right mortgage broker can save you thousands of dollars and ensure you have the ability to buy your dream home. Many buyers are very particular about the real estate agent they use for their home purchase. This should also apply to your mortgage broker.  

Mortgage broker Bobby Buglak can navigate all of the potential financial pitfalls and help you get the most favorable points for your mortgage loan such as a low interest rate, type of interest rate and ideal term length among other advantageous options.  

Call Bobby Buglak today to get pre-approved for a mortgage in Pennsylvania or New Jersey! 

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